Gotye – Making Mirrors

This here is hands down my favorite album that released last year. Gotye spent 5 years working on Making Mirrors and it’s obvious they were well spent. The first I ever heard of Gotye was in 2010 when the video for Eyes Wide Open magically appeared onto the internet and from then on I was hooked and absolutely  had to find more. Fun fact: Joebags (TheRecordStache’s co-writer) called me the same day raving about a new song he heard which turned out to be Eyes Wide Open.

I ended up finding Gotye’s 2006 album Like Drawing Blood (that one rightfully deserves its own post). I memorized every song on Like Drawing Blood and it became a favorite album of mine, but I had to just sit and wait for whatever Eyes Wide Open was leading up to. Months later I learned that Making Mirrors was to be released in August of 2011 and that Australia’s Triple J radio station was going to play the album in its entirety a week before its official release. You better believe I was up at 3:00 in the morning streaming that on my phone and it instantly booked itself a spot in my Top 10 Albums. Long story short I ended up ordering it on vinyl from Estonia for a pretty penny because all of the 1000 pre-orders on Gotye’s website were long sold out by the time I became a record fanatic (Now you can get it for right under $18.00 on Amazon. Good for you. Lame for me.). Now Gotye is blowing up big here in the states (even reaching #5 on iTunes) and he rightfully deserves the success. If for some crazy reason you haven’t heard this album here’s a few tunes to tickle your taste buds…

Save Me by Gotye

Bronte by Gotye

State Of The Art by Gotye

Oh and here’s a pretty popular video…

Be honest with yourself. You want this album. All the cool kids are listening to it. Don’t you want to be popular?


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