bear mountain, live

The Musical Journey Up Bear Mountain

First and foremost, see that cover art? That’s just good stuff. Plus, with a name like Bear Mountain and a FREE album called Live at The China Cloud you already made a fan out of me. Well done, I don’t even need to hear the music, but I still will.
What makes Live at The China Cloud even more impressive is that this was all actually recorded live at this place called… big surprise up ahead… The China Cloud. It’s a club in Vancouver, Canada I figure. Anywho, it sounds real swell live. In fact, it sounds so polished live that I thought the cheering in the beginning of each song was just added in for effect. Let’s dig in to the music. I tried to pick out a single instrument to focus on that stood out, but it varies from song to song. It’s all good and even better listened to as a whole. Isn’t that what really matters anyway?


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