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Favorite J Dilla Tributes

Since J Dilla’s passing numerous tributes have been made in his honor. There’s thousands of these that I could sift through but I have a few go to winners. Lucky you.

First up is Madlib’s Dill Cosby and Dill Withers Suites (pictured above). I got so excited when I found out that these release on vinyl late last year. The samples make use of the record pops and flaws and it just sounds right playing on a turntable. The two suites are my favorite of all of the Dilla tributes. Madlib and J Dilla collaborated together to make the album Champion Sound. They became good friends and after J Dilla’s death, unlike many other musicians who released tributes instantly, Madlib took 3 years to come up with the perfect tribute. I can’t find a stream of it but you can sample it (and buy it) on Amazon.

I do have some audio for this next one. Actually it’s a free mixtape. JAYPHILLA is an extremely clever rapper, Phil Nash, going over some Dilla instrumentals. I wish Phil Nash would have gotten some more attention off of this tape because he sounds so good on these instrumentals. It’s a perfect pairing. Jus Feel Me is the standout track here.

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

This next one was actually released today and played live on New York’s Hot97. Questlove of The Roots DJ’ed for a little over an hour putting together and excellent blend of Dilla’s work spanning his entire career. I can’t find an embed code, but here’s a link where you can listen and download
Individual song that are great tributes are…
The Roots – Can’t Stop This 

Common – Forever Begins

Erykah Badu – The Healer


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