cut copy, sax

Smooth Sax of the Day

You’ve started playing the song already haven’t you? If not, do so now. I’ll wait because I have patience and stuff. I suppose I’ll keep rambling so you can get a feel for the sound. Got a bit of a cold front moving in with this rain… ok that’s probably long enough. Hearts on Fire is an amazing electro dance song that Cut Copy threw together. That girl’s “oh oh ooooh” sample is sooooo awesomely 90’s. I know what you’re thinking, “Where in a song that sounds like this is there room for a sweet, sweet sax?” Oh just you wait. Wait until 2:35 to be exact. You probably wouldn’t even notice it growing unless I pointed it out. It just builds and builds until BAM! that saxophone is in your face and it’s glorious. Then, just like it was never there, it’s gone leaving you wanting more.


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