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Stuck in the Head Song of the Day

So, if you were a kid/teenager in the nineties, you probably went to the skate rink.  You either played roller hockey, limbo, laser tag, arcade games, or just skated just to skate!  (I chose answer F. all the above.)
 I would go to roller hockey practice and after or before practice would be free skate and they would play that nineties dance electronica music.  This was at Landstuhl, Germany where this music was SUPER popular.  So today at work, I was just hummin along and got this little diddy stuck in my head.

That synth line is a ticket in my hand.  That ticket grants me access to a plane that flies me to the land of memories of living in Europe.  It doesn’t matter how manly you are, you know you have a soft spot for music like this.

Oh yeah… and trust me when I say this;  this will not be the last time you read about 90’s skaterink music.



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