Weekly Vinyl Roundup

This is the first of a weekly series that I will be doing from here on out. To sum it all up, it’s pretty much just showing off the albums I bought throughout the week. The ultimate goal is to get you fine folks interested in physical copies of music other than just downloading .mp3’s (which are super cool, too). Besides, this place is called TheRecordStache for a reason…
Like I’ve stated earlier, I’ve been all about 80’s tunes this week and this post proves it. So… in your face doubters!

Here’s a list of what I got… With samples!

Echo & The Bunnymen – Ocean Rain

New Order – Low-life

Depeche Mode – Construction Time Again

Simple Minds – Sparkle in the Rain

Heaven 17 – Heaven 17

Soft Cell – The Art of Falling Apart

Ok things are getting a bit goth. Let’s liven it up a bit…

ABC – How to be a… Zillionaire!

Kajagoogoo – White Feathers

When in Rome – When in Rome

Endgames – Building Beauty


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