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Happy Birthday Peter Gabriel!

Peter Gabriel @ Festival SWU / Paulínia

Happy Birthday Peter Gabriel. You are one of the most iconic voices of the ages, former lead singer of the forever famous progressive rock outfit, Genesis, and have one of the most stunning solo careers to ever grace the sound waves. What a way to spend 62 years. Mr. Gabriel is the favorite musician of all of us here at TheRecordStache: Matt, Joebags, and TheLoaraxe. To celebrate this man’s birthday, I present to you each of our individual Top 10 Peter Gabriel songs.

Any die hard Peter Gabriel fan knows how hard it is to make a top 10 list of his work. To make it even harder on ourselves we decided to stick to only his solo work. This led to having to leave out some great Genesis songs, but that’s just something we’ll have to live with.

Joebag’s Top 10:
10. Washing of the Water
9. And Through the Wire
8. Down the Dolce Vita
7. San Jacinto
6. More Than This
5. Red Rain
4. I Grieve
3. Secret World
2. No Way Out
1. Solsbury Hill

TheLoaraxe’s Top 10:
10. Blood of Eden
9. Digging in the Dirt
8. In Your Eyes
7. Steam
6. The Barry Williams Show
5. San Jacinto
4. Solsbury Hill
3. Downside Up
2. Secret World
1. Come Talk to Me

Matt’s Top 10:
10. Darkness
9. Intruder
8. Solsbury Hill
7. Games Without Frontiers
6. Mercy Street
5. Red Rain
4. Come Talk to Me
3. Sky Blue
2. Secret World
1. San Jacinto


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