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Weekly Vinyl Roundup

Sorry I’m a day late with this one. TheRecordStache was getting a bit of a makeover throughout the weekend. Much more on the way. We’re starting to take this site seriously, so like the Famous Jet Jackson says in the DCOM Johnny Tsunami, “Go big or go home.” I choose big. Last week I had a few good finds on vinyl. I got Aerosmith’s self titled debut album, which has Dream On on it. Then, I scored big with Led Zeppelin’s second album, II, which is full of notable songs, including Ramble On. I decided to try out another Talking Heads album, so I picked up an import copy from Holland of Little Creatures. To finish it up, I got myself Depeche Mode’s Black Celebration, which is a dark, edge of your seat, soundscape. All in all, got some pretty good additions to the ever growing collection.


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