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Tv Snow: Warm, Coastal Pop With Attitude

Once again, I bring you another fantastic band from Australia. I really don’t think that there’s too many terrible bands down there. I could be wrong, but I’ve had a pretty awesome streak going, so far, of not hearing any. Knock on wood. The band is Tv Snow, and they have that same great warm sound that almost every Australian band I love possesses. However, Tv Snow ditches the typical tropical, tribal warmth, and adds a bit more of a straight forward rock sound to go along with their poppy, coastal grooves. I’m pretty positive that it’s the guitar. It really helps give Tv Snow a big sound that demands your attention. Sean Tyler’s vocals are melodic, yet powerful, giving a real moody sense to Tv Snow’s all around sound. It’s as if you’re listening and hearing these warm, sweet choruses, but you know that there’s something possibly darker brewing underneath. This attitude adds so much to Tv Snow’s individuality, as a band. The songs featured bellow are from their debut, self titled, EP. Tv Snow is currently in the process of finishing up their next EP, that they also plan to be ready for our ears within the next month or two. If you’d like to check out Tv Snow live, here in America, the band is working on getting to the CMJ Music Festival in New York, this October. Keep up with the band’s latest updates by liking them on Facebook.

TV Snow by TV Snow


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