couch brothers, electric gypsy 2.1, electronic, experimental, hip-hop, neo soul

The Couch Brothers Share World Travels

The Couch Brothers is a duo with one of the most interesting back stories that I have ever read. The pair, Kazu and Maikal X, met in 2005 when Kazu, a Japanese Gypsy, was passing through Holland. The two discovered that they shared an interest in music, so they began creating music together in a room that happened to have a ‘Yellow Couch’ in it. The Couch Brothers were officially formed, and the duo would continue to meet up on the ‘Yellow Couch’ over the years, in between periods of world travelling. They experimented with sound, finding their own unique groove, and have now come to the point where they are preparing the release of their album, Electric Gypsy 2.1. The Couch Brothers’ sound is hard to pinpoint at a quick, first listen. At one point, you think that they’re a neo-soul outfit, and the next they’re classic hip-hop, then followed by experimental electronic. Turns out, their sound is all of the above, and then some. If you’re familiar with New Zealand’s Electric Wire Hustle, then you will feel right at home with the Couch Brothers. Electric Gypsy 2.1 officially drops on May 25, and you can bet that you’ll find a full review of it here, when the time comes. I’ve provided a few samples from the album bellow, give them a listen and get yourself excited to hear the rest of the phenomenal sounds that Electric Gypsy 2.1 has to offer.

This Urge by CouchBrothers

She (hard lovin’) by CouchBrothers

Time by CouchBrothers

All u Need by CouchBrothers


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