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Let’s Away – Concording

Let’s Away is an indie pop duo from the UK that has recently grabbed a hold of my ears. Their sound equally balances the styles of arena rock and shoegaze. Imagine the band having to tone down their grand, epic guitars and anthemic vocals to play for an audience in a close and intimate setting. That is how Let’s Away’s music comes off sounding. So it’s almost like you get the best of both worlds when it comes to listening to Let’s Away. There are hints of the sprawling guitars and bombastic percussion that would be heard in a stadium, yet they’re held back enough to where they don’t sound overpowering. The vocals are soft and delicate, yet not so distant and hazy to where they come off sounding drowsy like a lot of shoegaze does. You can download Let’s Away’s single Concording for free over at their Bandcamp, and if you’re interested in getting a physical copy of their EP for free check out their website for the details. I’ve also included the tracks Only In The Dark and The Art of Self Control, below.

Only In The Dark by Let’s Away

The Art of Self Control by Let’s Away


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