AIMES, beautiful decay, chillwave, electronic, experimental, minimal wave, shoegaze, synth

Aimes – Beautiful Decay EP

Earlier today, AIMES let loose this fantastic sounding piece of work. If you’re in need of a late night soundtrack, look no further than the Beautiful Decay EP. What you are about to experience is a collection of 6 awesomely crafted songs that make up one excellent work of music. Ever heard of minimal wave? It’s a fairly new name for a genre that traces back to the late ’70s. To sum up the genre as quickly as possible, minimal wave is pretty much just experimental synth pop/new wave/post disco/post punk with a nice homemade flair added for some originality. The Beautiful Decay EP is the best set of modern day minimal wave that I have yet to hear. AIMES takes you on a journey jam packed with layers upon layers of synths, visions of space, hints of psychedelia, and grand soundscapes. Just press play, and let your mind wander as you immerse yourself withing AIMES’ phenomenal production. I’m going to be enjoying this one for some time.


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