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Video: The Other Tribe x Kidnap Kid – Don’t Need No Melody

Clearly the good people over at Anorak London know what I like to listen to, because this song that they sent me this morning is really hitting the spot. Above, I’ve provided the video for Don’t Need No Melody. This is a taste of the collaboration of The Other Tribe and Kidnap Kid that is set to release in a few days, on July 2nd. Don’t Need No Melody is an excellent mix of electronic dance and tribal pop. The video itself is full of awesomely animated patterns that really help add to the tribal feel of the song, thanks to The Other Tribes visual guru, Hicks. Long story short, if you’re a fan of Get People‘s music, then you’ll highly enjoy Don’t Need No Melody. You can grab The Other Tribe and Kidnap Kid collab EP over at Black Butter Records this upcoming Monday. Feel free to download the track below.


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