arena, australia, battleships, indie rock, your words

Battleships – Your Words

I’ve said it time and time again here on TheRecordStache, Australians have their heads on straight when it comes to making good music. They seem to be able to pick out the best of every genre and completely utilize it to create phenomenal music. I also believe that having national radio stations, like Triple J, supporting up-and-coming talent really effects Australia’s music scene in a positive way. Because of these reasons, Australia is always the first place I look when it comes to finding new music. Battleships is a band hailing from Sydney, and just like almost every Australian band that I’ve heard, they’re really good. Their new single, Your Words, is one fine piece of indie rock. Your Words has a huge arena rock sound, led by some stampeding drums and a roaring guitar. Battleships knows how to build a song to great heights, and they know how to bring it back down to Earth to properly close it out. Battleships is currently working on an EP that’s expected to be finished up later this year. I’ll definitely be keeping you updated.


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