ambient, bon voyage, echodrone, indie, post rock, shoegaze

Echodrone – Bon Voyage

It’s 3:17am and Echodrone’s album, Bon Voyage, is really doing some magic right now. I feel like Echodrone specifically made this album for falling asleep to. If so, it is truly a great thing. I think more bands should specialize in music specifically for the event of going to bed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been listening to a “perfect” bedtime album, and as soon as I’m on the brink of passing out, I’m startled awake by a loud drum solo or guitar riff. Not cool. So, why is Bon Voyage so great for listening to before bed? First of all, Bon Voyage is only made up of 6 songs that seem to steadily sound more peaceful as time progresses. Under An Impressive Sky is strong and loud, but by the time Constant fades out you’ll be fighting off some massive yawns. Also, the album’s name itself entitles that you are being taken on a trip… I vote dreamland. Those reasons, along with Echodrone’s intricate sound, indicates that this is the perfect music to doze off to. Whether it is intended to be or not, Bon Voyage is now my go-to album when it comes to getting to sleep. Please don’t confuse this whole write-up and think that because I’m saying that Bon Voyage is great to fall asleep to, that I think it’s a boring listen. It is the complete opposite. Anyway, I’m off to bed, and Bon Voyage will be assisting me thanks to Echodrone’s fantastic mix of shoegaze, ambient, and post rock. Head on over to their Bandcamp to check out some of their previous albums.


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