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Zavid Frost + James Blake – Enough Thunder RMX EP

A week or so ago, I introduced you to rapper, producer, and remix extraordinaire, SKuFL. Under his side moniker, Zavid Frost, he has recently released the Enough Thunder RMX EP entirely consisting of reworked James Blake tracks. SKuFL has taken advantage of the heavy bass undertone of James Blake’s music to put a completely fresh hip-hop spin on Blake’s original works. SKuFL has used his Zavid Frost alias to take his own music career into new territory. How many strictly hip-hop producers do you know that are willing to tread into the world of experimental electronica. I can only think of a couple off the top of my head. Overall, the Enough Thunder RMX EP is chill, spacey, and an awesomely unique listen. Whether you’re familiar with James Blake’s experimental pop or not, SKuFL’s remixing will easily please lovers of both hip-hop and electronic music. Download the Enough Thunder RMX EP for free via Mediafire.

James Blake + Zavid Frost – Enough Thunder RMX EP by SKuFL


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