art rock, between your ears, david bowie, sandsailor, space rock

Sandsailor – Between Your Ears

Sandsailor of Christchurch, New Zealand hit my email with his Between Your Ears EP a few days ago, and I’ve just been sitting back and soaking in the magic ever since. A year or so ago, if I would have heard Sandsailor’s music I would not have been a fan. Recently, I’ve been diving into the history of art rock, new wave, and all of the “post” genres, which is why I now have an appreciation for Sandsailor’s style. Between Your Ears is 100% space rock/art rock, and the most obvious comparison to Sandsailor’s sound is none other than David Bowie. Between Your Ears consists of 5 solid songs that are constantly evolving. Sounds are always changing throughout each track, but it’s not super obvious, like random sounds being thrown in just for fun. It’s really just slight tweaks and additions here and there, but the effect really adds to the emotions portrayed throughout Between Your Ears. My favorite track is Keep Your Head up. As the song progresses, it becomes a sprawling epic of positive inspiration. As a whole, Between Your Ears is a very strong listening experience. Sandsailor has provided the EP for free, so take advantage of it and immerse yourself into some excellent space rock.


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