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Video: Loui The ZU – Listen To Your Heart

Last night, while most of us in America slept off our 4th of July festivities, New Zealand’s Loui The ZU was up  releasing his first music video. The song is Listen To Your Heart off of his LBSB: The Fruits Of My Labor album that released back in April. The visuals are pretty straightforward, but very enticing. The entire time, I kept trying to piece together what was happening. Is ZU following the pretty blonde? Wrong place, wrong time type of situation? Who made it out to the dock first? So many unanswered questions. If you’re unfamiliar with Loui The ZU’s music, then you’re in for a treat. Name a genre. Chances are, ZU covers it in LBSB: The Fruits of My Labor. Stream the album below, and head on over to http://louithezu.com/ to download it for free.

LBSB: The Fruits Of My Labour by Loui The ZU


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