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Maxïmo Park – The National Health

Earlier this week, Maxïmo Park unleashed their fourth full length album, The National Health (here in the US). Maxïmo Park’s biggest talent seems to be taking the styles of other bands and merging them together to form a unique sound of their own. Throughout The National Health, you’ll hear some influences of Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian, a bit of Keane, countless other indie rock bands, and surprisingly The Cure. I’m not saying that Maxïmo Park is stealing or copying these other bands’ signature sounds. I’m just pointing out the similarities. It’s a good thing that there’s a band out there that utilizes the best of the others. The outcome is a nice blend of strong ballads, catchy pop jams, and all out stadium rockers making up the entirety of The National Health. Below, I’ve provided some quick previews of the album. Maxïmo Park has definitely made The National Health a great piece of work that’s worth checking out.

Maximo Park – The National Health Album Preview by Maximo Park


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