almost always, experimental, failed utopia, hip-hop, TEXAS

Almost Always – Failed Utopia

Back in ’06/’07 I went through a big Texas rap phase: stuff like Magno, Rapid Ric, Lil Keke, Trae The Truth, Z-Ro, Boss Hog Outlawz, and everything S.L.A.B. After awhile, I grew up, matured musically, and shrugged off the Lonestar State as nothing but codeine induced braggadocio rap. Now, my concept of Texas hip-hop has drastically changed since I started TheRecordStache. Everything that I’ve been exposed to from Texas has been nothing but true, forward thinking, hip-hop. Almost Always is the latest encounter that I’ve had with the Texas hip-hop scene, and their Failed Utopia project does not disappoint. Consisting of producer/artist Curbside Jones and producer Corey Arnell, Almost Always asks the question, “if you were given a second chance at life, would you do anything differently?” Failed Utopia takes the concept and put it into the perspective of a character who has been given the opportunity of a second chance. The overall outcome focuses on the positives and the negatives of living that second life. Throughout the entire listen, my head was doing some heavy bobbing along to Corey Arnell’s experimental production. Curbside Jones’ story telling abilities are great, keeping Failed Utopia’s tale moving forward and remarkably interesting. The great thing about Failed Utopia is that even though it is a concept album, each song is enjoyable on its own, when heard outside of the whole listening experience. Failed Utopia is free to download. Take advantage of this one.


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