brandon lockheart, hip-hop, the noise

Brandon Lockheart – The Noise

There is a crazy amount of talented up-and-coming rappers that deserve to be heard. I can’t believe some blogs choose to pass up on some of these guys just to feature musicians who are already established and, at the very least, internet famous. How does any musician stand a chance at getting exposure when most blogs only feature guys like Rick Ross and A$AP Rocky. To be honest, I don’t even visit my old favorite blogs much anymore. It’s pretty crazy that my own site has become my go to source whenever I want to hear new music. Brandon Lockheart is just one of those many rappers that rightfully deserves attention. The Detroit native is gearing up to release his upcoming project, Life… Love… Bullshit…, October 1st, and The Noise is just a small prequel of what’s to be expected. Lockheart lays down some powerful lyrics over a very chill, distorted instrumental. It’s always cool to hear a straight-forward, no frills, Golden Era type of flow set to a modern take on the classic boom-bap beat. That’s exactly how Brandon Lockheart comes off sounding on The Noise. So far, it seems like Life… Love… Bullshit is going to be a must-hear when it drops. Until October 1st, get The Noise for free, below.


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