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Familiarize Yourself With Jaice

I’m a firm believer in music that transcends genre barriers. Why would anybody want to be so narrow minded to just limit themselves to one type of sound? There’s literally thousands of genres and subgenres out there that could be successfully combined to create an original sound. There’s no reason why any musician should, or try to, sound anything like another with such a wide variety of recording options now available. Hip-hop has embraced genre blending for a little while now thanks to sampling, and finally artists of other genres are beginning to utilize styles outside of their own. Jaice is the latest that I’ve been exposed to who successfully merges together a plethora of genres. Essentially, Jaice is an R&B artist, but there’s no way that I could just simply slap that label on his sound. Jaice’s instrumentals are influenced by indie rock and hip-hop. His song styling is heavily polished pop, but not structured as such to include the classic verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus layout that the average listener is comfortable with. Jaice told me, “When trying to get people to listen to my music it can sometimes be difficult, because I feel some will write my songs off because they don’t fit into a specific genre. I feel the production makes it sound too Pop like for many indie folks, too much distortion for the R&B crowd, and too many lyrics for the Pop crowd.” Honestly, I wouldn’t want his work to sound any other way, because the music industry needs more originals like him. Jaice’s first full length album, Sound Advice, is set to release sometime in the near future, and I can’t wait to hear what else he has in store.

Watch What You Say by jaicemusic

The Seasons by jaicemusic

Look Inside Yourself by jaicemusic

Keep Your Head Up by jaicemusic


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