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Columbia Nights – Make Some Room

It’s only been a couple of months since Columbia Nights released their amazingly smooth Dawn / Dusk project. The group could rightfully be sitting back soaking up the many accolades that came with the release of Dawn / Dusk, but producers Hayling Price and John E Daise have chosen to stay busy and have continued to create new music. Currently hard at work on a full length album, Columbia Nights have released this treat to hold us over for a little bit. Make Some Room is a cover of one of Sade’s B-Sides. No surprise really, but this is one sexy track. Make Some Room focuses more on the production itself, rather than any lyrics. Although, throughout the song you will hear some soft, sultry vocals provided by Vaughan Octavia. The sparse, female vocal effects really enhances Hayling and John’s awesomely chill production. Also, according to my Twitter stalking, Columbia Nights have recently been collaborating with the super talented Diggs Duke. I can’t wait to hear what comes about from that.

Make Some Room by Columbia Nights


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