all together, Denmark, Jens-Ulrik Kleemeyer, peter gabriel, pop

Jens-Ulrik Kleemeyer – All Together

I just recently discovered Denmark’s musical treasure, Jens-Ulrik Kleemeyer, so he’s technically new to me. Since his music is so fresh in my mind from featuring some of his previous work 3 weeks ago, it came as a surprise that he just released a brand new song. All Together is the latest offering from Jens-Ulrik Kleemeyer, and it is nothing short of gorgeous. The song is a sweet, dreamy piece that slowly builds into something truly magical. Take the time out of your day to really sit and experience Jens-Ulrik Kleemeyer’s wondrous sound. You won’t regret it. I have no clue if All Together is just a random loosie or if it’s introducing us to an upcoming project. Either way, I’m thankful to have found Jens-Ulrik Kleemeyer’s music.

All Together by Jens-Ulrik Kleemeyer


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