experimental, garage, indie rock, lo-fi, memory motel, orchestral, psychedelic, shoegaze, space rock, trip-hop

Memory Motel – Wasted Days​/​Lost Souls 7"

Memory Motel is a young band from Reno, Nevada who are heavily embracing a highly eclectic sound. It is seriously impossible to label Memory Motel’s music with any specific genre. Sure, their music is almost many genres, but not enough of any one to be able to call it as such. Is this making sense to anyone? I’m even confusing myself. Here’s the best way that I can possibly try to sum up whatever it is that Memory Motel has created: psychedelic, garage, space rock, orchestral, trip-hop, lo-fi, shoegaze, experimental, indie rock. Long story short, it’s a little bit of everything and 100% amazing. Each track creates such a mood of uneasiness, you find yourself completely tense throughout the entire song. What sounds will you be experiencing next? The unnerving effect is fantastic thanks to Memory Motel’s excellent production and arrangements. This is the point where music and contemporary art collide, and it’s bands like Memory Motel that keep me inspired to blog. Memory Motel will be releasing a 7″ vinyl of Wasted Days and Lost Souls on August 9th. The release will be limited to only 500 copies of multi-colored, splatter vinyl, so get a head start and preorder the 7″ over at Memory Motel’s Bandcamp. Stream Wasted Days below, and check out Lost Souls over at Soundcloud.

Wasted Days by MemoryMotel


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