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Wesley Blaylock’s Stunning Solo Project

You’d think because Tennessee is located in the Appalachian region, I’d have a good understanding that some serious folk music is made there. However, whenever I think of Tennessee and the music that it’s known for, country music and Three Six Mafia are the only two things that come to mind. I blame it on the media. In a mere 5 songs, Wesley Blaylock has shattered my entire thought process of the Volunteer State’s music scene, and I now know what genre I should be looking for when I’m hunting down new musicians located in Nashville and Memphis. I need some true-to-the-soul folk music. Wesley Blaylock, the front-man of the well established alternative/indie rock band Deas Vail, has chosen to try something new and has recently released his debut solo project. Every musician takes a great risk when they decide to go solo and create music that is different from what their band is widely known for. You never know how the fans will react. In this case, Wesley has separated himself from the clean studio polish, grand percussion, and electric guitars that make up a majority of Deas Vail’s catalogue, and has instead focused on a more singer-songwriter approach. He has stripped down to essentially just an acoustic guitar, a simple drum set, and his melodic voice, along with a couple of guest spots consisting of his wife, Laura, and his sister, Hannah. Each track that makes up the self-titled EP is a gorgeous piece of music in its own right. There is not a single weak point heard throughout the entire listening experience. The simplicity and bare bones emotion are the winning factors that give the EP a real sense of beauty. It’s truly impossible to stop yourself from getting swept away in the lush arrangements and fantastically sweet lyrics that Wesley has crafted. The risk of releasing solo material was well worth the reward, because the work here is nothing short of breathtaking. Thankfully, it seems that everyone else feels the same way that I do about the EP. Although, it really doesn’t seem to be much of a surprise. How could anybody not love the magic that Wesley Blaylock has placed within this project?


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