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The Brittle Bones of Let’s Away

Brittle. That’s the word I was thinking of when I was originally trying to describe Let’s Away‘s sound when I featured them a couple of weeks ago. Turns out, Let’s Away thought of it for me, and named their latest EP, The Brittle Bones of Let’s Away. In my previous feature, I described their sound as arena rock tuned down for an intimate setting. This new set of songs further solidifies my earlier description. The tracks that make up EP are just downright fragile. They seem as if they could burst into massive anthems at any given moment, yet Let’s Away refrains and keeps their music delicate. It’s an interesting style choice, and one that really works well. Rather than sing-a-long choruses, Let’s Away’s music come off with more mysterious qualities. Almost shy, it seems. Their music requires your full attention, and the payoff is fantastic. Along with their previous EP, you can get a physical copy of The Brittle Bones of Let’s Away for free. Check the details over at their website. Stream a couple of the tracks, below.

You & I by Let’s Away

Brittle Bones by Let’s Away


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