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Isle – Bayview

This is some welcome news. Isle has officially released their first single, Bayview. This is probably the best music to have ever come out of my city, Pensacola, Florida. Yes, even better than Roy Jones Jr.’s rap group, the Body Head Bangers. I probably shouldn’t be making sarcastic jokes about a guy who has 8 World Titles in boxing… Moral of the story, is that no other band or musician is representing this historical, little city as well as Isle. What’s so fantastic about Isle, is that they pull influences directly from the city itself. Bayview, along with a couple of their earlier demos, is named after an actual location/area in Pensacola. Just in case you’re no geography expert, Pensacola is located right along the Gulf of Mexico at the very tip of the Florida Panhandle. The popular slogan that folks around these parts like to throw around, is that Pensacola’s sandy, white beaches are “Florida’s best kept secret.” Unlike most bands around here that are “too cool” and “hardcore” or “too country,” Isle completely embraces the location and literally turns the scenery into a signature sound. The outcome is a pleasantly warm, shoegaze infused, style of indie pop. Isle’s debut album is soon on its way. I will definitely be keeping you updated.

Isle – Bayview by Bad Panda Records


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