automagik, energy drink, indie rock, mountain dew, pop, teleportation blues, video, y2k

Video: Automagik – Teleportation Blues

Do you like having fun? Yeah. I thought so. I’ll go ahead and save you some time then. You like Automagik’s music. What would music sound like if it was entirely supplied by a massive sugar rush? You know, the type of rush you get when you open up a bottle of Mountain Dew then mix in more sugar. At least that’s what 12 year old me was resorting to during the pre-energy drink, Y2K fearing, era back in 1999. Yesterday, Automagik released a video for Teleportation Blues off of their self-titled 2010 album. The entire video is shot with a GoPro camera and cut together to feel like one single shot. The effect from the GoPro gives the visuals a trippy feeling that equals Augomagik’s high energy. If you’re interested in hearing the rest of Automagik’s album, I’ve been nice enough to provide it below.  


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