cool summer records, daydream, garage, pop, summerays, surf

Summerays – Daydream EP

I was just recently informed of Summerays’ sun soaked music. The Daydreams EP was released late last fall, but it’s as if Summerays anticipated it to be heard this summer. Maybe the EP was created with the memory of last year’s summer in mind. Who am I to say. All I know, is that these are some pretty beachy tunes, and the fact that they came out of Cleveland, OH in November leaves me scratching my head. I supposed random-er genres have come out of odder places: ex. tropical pop from Russia. Location aside, the Daydream EP is a great work of surf pop with some welcome inspirations from decades long ago. Mostly some ’60s garage. Throw on some shades, jump in the car and cruise around with Summerays turned up to full blast. For you vinyl lovers, Cool Summer Records is releasing a 7″ A side – Toyohashi and B side – Spacious on the 31st of July. Click this link to preorder your copy.


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