coming home, dystopian, rnb, synth, visitor

Visitor – RNB

I recently featured a promo video for Visitor’s upcoming EP. Just a few hours ago, the synth pop duo revealed a full length preview of their single, RNB. The intro immediately grabs your attention and keeps you immersed in dark synths throughout the entirety of the track. Then, just as you begin to think, “there’s no way this song could get any more awesome,” vocals creep in at 2:17 and completely blow you away. The lyrics are overly haunting, and paired with the dystopian-like instrumental, shivers are instantly forced down your spine. That is, until the anthemic chorus kicks in, which you’ll soon enough be finding yourself singing along with. RNB really is a hit on every level. Visitor’s Coming Home//RNB EP is set to drop September 10th, and will contain remixes from Lifelike, Viceroy, FM Attack, Bestrack, Symbolone, and Vanguard & Easy D.



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