afro-beat, hip-hop, jesse boykinds iii, melo-x, Soul, theophilus london

Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X – Black Orpheus

This certainly isn’t the first time that Jesse Boykins III and MeLo-X have joined forces, but now they’re finally collaborating on a full length project. Whenever these guys get together, the result is always something ultra eclectic. Jesse Boykins III’s vocals never fail to completely ooze erotic emotion, and his album, The Beauty Created, is always a go to for those who feel grown and sexy. MeLo-X’s production is constantly getting more and more futuristic with each release, while still managing to stay grounded in history. Not to mention, he can definitely hold his own with a verse or two. The only thing that’s really missing here is a Theophilus London feature. That’s the holy trifecta of a collaboration. It’s happened before (here), and it needs to happen more often. Check out Jesse Boykins III and MeLo-X’s single, Black Orpheus, below, then preorder Zulu Guru over at Ninja Tune. That’s going to be a must have when it drops on October 15th.

Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X – ‘Black Orpheus’ by Ninja Tune


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