flutes, gentlemen hall, indie rock, makes me feel alive, when we all disappear

Gentlemen Hall – Makes Me Feel Alive

I was a little late when it came to hopping on the Gentlemen Hall bandwagon, considering I was almost a year behind whenever I featured their When We All Disappear EP. Earlier today, Gentlemen Hall released a new single titled, Makes Me Feel Alive. I sure as heck won’t be late on featuring this awesome track. First off, I have to start with saying that I’m thankful that the flute is still an integral part of Gentlemen Hall’s sound. The flute is what really makes this band really stand out in a massive sea of sound-alike indie rock bands. Seriously, who else is using a woodwind instrument in their band? Answer, nobody. Makes Me Feel Alive is less synth driven than the songs heard on the When We All Disappear EP, but that doesn’t make it any less catchy. You’ll quickly find yourself singing along, and when the rockin’ electric guitar solo comes roaring in, you’ll instantly catch yourself pretending to play along. Yeah, Makes Me Feel Alive really is that good.

Makes Me Feel Alive by Gentlemen HALL


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