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Video: Sha’ir – Assembly Line

The magic of J Dilla strikes again. Have you ever heard anyone sound bad on a Dilla instrumental? If so, please send that my way. I’ve come to believe that Jay Dee’s beats are so universal, that they match anybody’s sound and style. Brooklyn based hip-hop trio, Sha’ir is the latest proof of successfully recycling a Dilla produced track. Sha’ir took the classic Slum Village song, Fall in Love, kept the same vibe of the original, but gave it a new voice. The outcome is Assembly Line, a song that focuses on the idea of building the perfect girl. Sha’ir took a subject that could easily come off as vulgar, and instead kept it fairly innocent and laid back. I can respect that. Assembly Line can be found on Sha’ir’s Permanent Vaay’k mixtape. Stream and download below.


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