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Video: The Neighbourhood – Female Robbery

I feel like there are three bands coming out of California right now that are making some big strides in indie pop. These bands are Blondfire, Max & the Moon (who will have a video featured here tomorrow), and The Neighbourhood. Thankfully they are all starting to get some big attention because of their contributions to the indie pop sound. However, The Neighbourhood completely exploded into our ears with their summertime anthem, Sweater Weather. Right after Sweater Weather’s release, I quickly hopped on board The Neighbourhood bandwagon, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since (so realistically 4 months or so). The Neighbourhood has since released a spectacular EP titled, I’m Sorry. Before the EP and before Sweater Weather, The Neighbourhood had a song floating around the internet called Female Robbery. The original version of the song was included in the I’m Sorry EP, but today, a new and improved version of Female Robbery has been revealed. The new master has been backed with a new video that sticks with the film noir feel of the original. The indie world has been buzzing about The Neighbourhood for the past several months, and it looks like the band is now taking aim at the mainstream. Go get ’em guys.


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