Animal Joy, electronic, homestuck, omegalodon, robert j lake, soundtrack, video game, webcomic

Robert J! Lake’s Video Game Inspired Electronica

I’m always hoping that someone comes along and sends me unique music of a genre that I have yet to feature here on TheRecordStache. Robert J! Lake sent me a gigantic selection of his music, past and present, and I was more than happy to dive in and listen to it all. What stood out to me the most is his work with several creative projects. First was the soundtrack he did for an online multiplayer monster game called Omegalodon. It’s kind of like Godzilla meets the Rampage games, and tied together in a bright, colorful package. Robert J! Lake’s Omegalodon soundtrack is a wonderful homage to the games of the early ’90s, while mixing in inspiration from contemporary electronica. Next up, is his work on the webcomic series, Homestuck. The Homestuck comics are a sort of hybrid that combines elements of animation, text adventure, music, and sometimes interactive segments. Definitely something that I can see myself getting addicted to. Robert’s work on the Homestuck soundtracks are still slightly video game influenced, but makes more use of experimental, electronic sounds than what’s heard on Omegalodon. Robert J! Lake is currently in the middle of working on his album titled, Dreams in a World Without Sleep. You’ll more than likely be able to find it here whenever it’s all finished up. Until then, check out some of his work below.


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