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Ummagma – Antigravity / Self-titled

I’ve finally realized what my favorite part of running a music blog is. Sure, free music is great, and hearing advance releases of albums is a wonderful privileged, but that comes nowhere close to the biggest reward. I love being in contact with people from all over the world. I pride myself on featuring international musicians as often as possible, because I honestly believe that it’s those who live outside of America that set the trends for tomorrow’s new sound. The support from an international audience has been amazing, and because of it, I’ve learned so much about the world and it’s happenings. Some of which, I was previously clueless to. It’s as if I’m enrolled in daily classes for geography and world news. 
With that said, I introduce to you the Canadian-Ukrainian duo, Ummagma. Last month, Ummagma released not one, but two debut albums, the self-titled Ummagma and Antigravity. So what does Ummagma’s music sound like exactly? It’s a bit tricky to pinpoint. The closest that I can come to describing their sound is to compare Peter Gabriel’s album Up, hints of James Blake, and the entire decade of ’90s music. There are just way too many genres and influences heard within Ummagma’s music to give a completely accurate description. Ummagma is just one of those bands that makes music for people who love music of all types. 
Both Antigravity and Ummagma are extremely spectacular works. Each album transports you into a realm of relaxation and broad soundscapes. You find yourself exposed to a gigantic variety of sounds and noises, yet nothing becomes overpowering or obnoxious. Ummagma has mastered their production so well, that everything successfully works together. I acknowledge that all music is art, and takes time and dedication, no matter how good or bad it sounds. I’m a music fan, first and foremost, so I appreciate it all. However, Ummagma is on an entirely different level. This is art.



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