australia, gilgamesh, gypsy and the cat, indie, pop, Spacey, tribal

Gypsy & the Cat – Sorry

Gypsy & the Cat’s debut album, Gilgamesh, was one of my favorite releases of 2010. I unfortunately had to find an illegal download for it in some dark, seedy back alley of the internet, since Gypsy & the Cat were virtually unknown in America at the time. Now, the band is preparing the release of their sophomore album, and with Sorry as the lead single, it sounds like Gypsy & the Cat have another winner on their hands. Gone is the spacey-ness heard throughout Gilgamesh, and added is the warmer, organic, tribal sound that I have come to associate with Australian music over the past couple of years. One thing that Gypsy & the Cat hasn’t lost in between albums is their ability to make original, quirky pop songs that immediately grab your attention. Sorry will be available to download on iTunes on August 17th.

Sorry by Gypsy & The Cat

– Matt


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