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P E A C E – California Daze

From First Song For Your Mixtape

It’s not clear why the chilled out sounds of west coast America have pervaded the output of the Birmingham music scene to such an extent but here is yet another record out of England’s second city with overt references to the pacific coast states. This is no bad thing though because PEACE have created something full of charm and soul that justifies the gamble taken by Columbia records to sign them off the back of very little output. ‘California Daze’ is a track that just seems to ooze from the speakers with lyrics that come out the other side of their slightly clichéd subject matter still sparkling. It builds from a dreamy start to an epic guitar solo before you’ve even realised so once you’ve downloaded it for free, for the small price of your email address (, you may well find yourself racking up the play count. PEACE have delivered something here that cements their poster boy status within the Birmingham music scene and will see them spending many more of their days across the atlantic.



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