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Video: J Dilla feat. Tone Plummer & Mr. Wrong – Rebirth Is Necessary

Anything that involves J Dilla automatically gets featured here. The latest visuals off of the Rebirth of Detroit project have released today, and they’re matched with one of my favorite tracks heard on the album. Rebirth is Necessary focuses on Detroit’s troubles and how the people of the city are struggling to survive. This song was already haunting enough, thanks to Dilla’s sampling of Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso’s Italian prog rock song, Nothing’s The Same. Now that there’s video to go along with Rebirth is Necessary, the creepiness of the instrumental is greatly intensified. This is really an eye opening song. Detroit rappers are always in a league of their own when it comes to their verses. They manage to keep the hood aspect, but their words are often very profound and real. Case in point, Tone Plummer and Mr. Wrong’s topics are completely essential to the power that this song gives off. Their words, matched with the instrumental, tell a story that needs to be heard. Things are bad in Detroit, but as Brandon Lockheart recently told me, “Detroit is like the phoenix, only she doesn’t know it yet.”


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