how to get murdered in a made for tv movie, indie rock, monarch, nervous cloud

A Gal, A Guy, A Guitar, and a Drum Set = Nervous Cloud

Armed with the bare essentials, the duo that makes up Nervous Cloud are officially nominated for “Least Amount of Instruments Featured on The Record Stache.” The winner will be announced at the end of the year when I will hold my annual awards post. I’ll probably forget about this empty promise by the time December rolls around, but then again, I’ve remembered more forgettable things. With just a guitar and a set of drums, Nervous Cloud provides our ears with some no frills, straight to the point, indie rock. Lead singles, Monarch and How To Get Murdered In A Made For TV Movie, are nice introductions to get yourself ready for Nervous Cloud’s upcoming self-titled debut. Thanks to some foot stomping drum rhythms and heavy guitar riffs, you’ll find yourself rocking along in no time. Don’t try to pretend that you’re not going to be playing air instruments along with the songs. Besides, it’ll kind of be like you’re the band’s third member that they don’t know about. Pretty cool, right? Nervous Cloud’s album is set to release on September 9th, but if you’re impatient, you can head on over to their website to stream the whole thing.

Nervous Cloud – Monarch

Nervous Cloud – How To Get Murdered In A Made For TV Movie


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