barbarian, california, garage, goth pop, indie, post, san diego, surf

Barbarian – Days of Youth / Medium Spirits

San Diego’s Barbarian comes blasting out of your speakers with a highly intoxicating mix of styles. You’d think that a band with a name like Barbarian would be making some hardcore, thrash metal. You know, the sort that has an album cover of a giant dragon perched atop a flaming skull shaped mountain, while a legion of armored knights battle against the elements as they make way up towards the dragon’s lair. It’s album art like that, that makes me hate hating metal. Anyway, now that we’ve got it cleared up that Barbarian is indeed not a metal band, you’re probably wondering what sort of music they play. Barbarian hits your ears with warm surf pop fuzz, ’80 post punk and goth pop, and a hint of ’60s garage rock. The combination of styles create a truly unique sound that I have never heard anything quite like before. Barbarian’s singles, Days of Youth and Medium Spirits are currently in the process of being pressed onto 7″ vinyl. You’re going to want that in your collection. So keep a lookout. This sort of stuff sounds the best coming off of a turntable.

Days of Youth

Medium Spirits


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