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Neo-Safari – Spasmatic

If you’re unfamiliar with Neo-Safari, then you should probably take a second to check out his latest EP. Ok. Got a good feel for Neo-Safari’s glitch magic? The Dallas, TX producer has gone a little ways out of his realm to incorporate Lil Wayne into a new track called Spasmatic. The outcome is an absolute joy to listen to. I got to enjoy Neo-Safari’s excellent production work, while at the same time chuckling at Lil Wayne’s over the top, classic one liners. I couldn’t ask for anything better. This is the first time that Lil Wayne has been mentioned on this site, and chances are, it will be the last… unless someone can trump what Neo-Safari has done here. Yeah, that’s an official challenge.

Neo-Safari – Spasmatic (Feat. Lil Wayne) by Neo-Safari


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