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It was only a week ago that I featured Ummagma‘s debut albums, but I figured that the Canadian-Ukrainian duo deserved another feature. Back in July, Ummagma pulled a bold maneuver and decided to release not one, but two, albums as their introduction to the music world. It’s hard enough to get a lot of people to listen to one full album in a single sitting nowadays, so two albums at once is a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, they’ve been getting quite a bit of good press, and the albums have been picking up some steam. I sat down and listened to both albums back to back before I wrote my original feature, and the payoff was an extremely rewarding listen. So I decided to go ahead and feature some select tracks from both Ummagma’s self-titled album and Antigravity just in case there’s anyone out there who may be somewhat leery of diving into two full length albums. If you’re even the slightest bit interested, then you should really head on over to Ummagma’s Bandcamp to immerse yourself within 24 songs of pure bliss.

Kiev by Ummagma

Autumnmania by Ummagma

Risky by Ummagma

BFD by Ummagma

Human Factor by Ummagma


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