emma, North London, post punk, purple trees, shoegaze, Synth pop, the record stache

The Electro-Rock of Emma

Based out of North London, Emma has been secretly playing gigs around the city since their formation earlier this year. In such a short time, the band has really perfected their sound. Emma’s songs sometimes borderline hard rock, but are quickly brought back to a more welcoming soundscape thanks to layers of backing synths and hazy vocals. It’s an excellent combination of post punk, shoegaze, and synth pop. At points, Emma’s songs almost become chillwave, but manages to contain enough power to keep you fully alert and rocking. With tracks packed with this much energy, don’t expect Emma to be hanging out in London’s underground too much longer. Their debut, Purple Trees EP, is soon on its way, so stay on the lookout for that project. Keep up with Emma on Facebook, and while you’re there show some love to The Record Stache.

Purple Trees and the Green Rain by Emma music

Serulean Fades by Emma music

Perfect Blue by Emma music

Kisameen by Emma music


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