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Video: Sole Grunt – Now She’s Alone

Sole Grunt recently released some visuals to go along with his latest instrumental track, Now She’s Alone. I’m going to go ahead and assume that the situation that we’ve stumbled onto here, is that this girl is recently single. All signs seem to point towards it. Then again, maybe she just really hates stuffed animals. I’m not here to judge and break down people’s emotions. I just provide good music for your ears. So sit back, enjoy Sole Grunt’s smooth production, and watch this chick demolish an innocent little teddy bear. Download Now She’s Alone for free, below.

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J Dilla – Rebirth of Detroit

If you’ve yet to get acquainted with J Dilla’s music, shame on you. Even though Jay Dee’s music is 100% hip-hop, lovers of all genres can appreciate the man’s legacy. So much of hip-hop’s contemporary styles can give thanks to Mr. Yancey. The man was a visionary, paving the way for introducing new sounds to hip-hop. I cannot begin to imagine where the genre would be if Dilla were still here on Earth. His newest posthumous album, Rebirth of Detroit released earlier this week, and it is nothing less than excellent. Who knows how old some of these beats are, yet they sound so forward thinking. That’s the greatness of J Dilla, his music is timeless. Sure you could go back and hear the different phases he went through during his career, but his music still holds up, no matter its age. Jay Dee has been gone for 6 years now, but new music still keeps popping up. Fortunately, J Dilla’s life revolved around creating music, and there are probably countless more instrumentals to be discovered for years to come. Hopefully, now that Dilla’s mom, Ma Dukes, has created Ruff Draft Records, we’ll be hearing a lot more of Jay Dee’s unreleased works more often. Stream Rebirth of Detroit in its entirety below.


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Priceyall – Fight Back

Here’s some nice instrumentals for you to get into. The creator is Priceyall and the compilation of songs is called Fight Back. I really have no knowledge of anything about Priceyall, I didn’t think to ask for any background information or anything, I just liked what I heard and felt like featuring the music. My bad. Anyways, Fight Back is a collection of instrumentals blending together a sampling of jazz and funk inspirations. Unless I’m mistaken, Fight Back is composed of a wide variety of samples, re-edits, and loops, creating entirely new pieces of music. The whole process is an art form that I would love to learn (I’ve tried to teach myself, but I don’t have the patience). I really envy the producers that can put works like this together. Priceyall’s loops are more heavy on the 70’s funk influence than the jazz, really giving Fight Back some nice warm bass grooves and drum rhythms to nod your head to. Don’t be fooled though, the jazz is definitely in there, you can hear it in the wood instruments, keyboards, and a lot of the various percussion instruments. The jazz and funk mixture really plays well together, giving Fight Back a since of improvisation with instruments and unpredictable patterns, both of which each genre is widely known for incorporating. Fight Back is fun to thrown on and chill out to for about 20 minutes, soaking up nostalgia of about 40 years ago. I’m looking forward to whatever projects Priceyall comes up with next.

Fight Back by Priceyall

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C418 gets an extra 57 minutes of fame

C418 album 72 Minutes Of Fame is an amalgam of house, electronic, ambient, bass, and kitchen sink. C418 has been around for a few years now and gained a little prominence in the last year. If you recognize the artist, it is because he did the entire Minecraft soundtrack. However, I digress, because we are actually here to talk about this masterfully crafted electronic infused instrumental masterpiece called 72 Minutes Of Fame. The album ranges from head pounding beats to blissful serenades, and every song feels like it came directly from a motion picture soundtrack. In all honesty, I have been listening to it on repeat for the last 2 hours and I don’t foresee this dropping off of my play list anytime soon. Do your ears a favor and listen to “I Jike My Lob” and “BD08” back to back, or just listen to the whole album back to back.