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The Hit List: New Weekly EDM Bangers

Music is growing so quickly with the internet, and passionate fans want the hits first. We’ve decided to bring you every week or so, a dose of big electronic bangers that are going to be taking you, and the club, by storm. Be ready to hit the club, throw your hands up and take on the ride of your life. But seriously, we hope you enjoy these tracks as much as we do, and are proud to brighten your day with them. This week we have got so much madness going on! With Hard Rock Sofa dropping their brand new track, which is strait fire, and who better then Dirty South & Alesso previewing there brand new track, City of Dreams. We’ve also got a fresh new remix from Afrojack, as well as Kryder and Tom Staar remixing Afrojack “Can’t Stop Me Now.” If you like Deniz’s Bong, then Kryder and Tom Staar have made a track just for you. It’s similar but brings its own unique flavor to the table. Finally we’ve got DJ M.E.G killing it with his original track Stock-holm, that reached top 10 on Beatport and will be bringing down clubs everywhere. Enjoy these tracks!

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Alejandro Crisp

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The Sweet Five

So every Wednesday you will now see a Sweet Five! What’s a Sweet Five you may ask? Well I’ll drop you five sweet songs that you should listen to once a week, that will help you get over your hump-day and set sail towards the ever-nearing weekend! Ready? Okay!

Frank Ocean – Sweet Life

So I pretty much named this piece after this song. Frank Ocean can pretty much do no wrong right now – and with the release of “Channel Orange” came floods of positive reviews and the world had it on repeat. This song brings all the joy out in the album. Feeling down? This is an ultimate mood changer, and will be stuck in your head all day. “The best song wasn’t the single” is very true.

Bravestation – Tides Of The Summit

The opening track of their album “Giants and Dreamers” and a title very fitting for this album. This song reflects a new-wave style that is simply sweet. I can only describe this song as a backing track to your dreams. If you find yourself swaying your head in a day dream at work, embrace it. This song will put a smile on your face.

The Wyld – Revolution

This song has already been featured on this blog, but as the proud Kiwi I am I shall rep what we are pumping out right now. If you like hip hop and a slice of indie – I can’t think of anyone that is currently blending it up better. Their debut album “Preface” is still new, and is the sort of album you can play at any time. If you wonder what is so good about this song and can’t actually put you’re finger on it, don’t worry. Neither can I, but it’s a track that needs to be heard.

Anchor & Braille – Hymn For Her

Ever since the Anchor & Braille debut album “Felt” released in 2009, I’ve been anxiously waiting for a follow up album. “The Quiet Life” released at the end of July and is a fine, fine album and this track is oh so sweet. When I first heard it, the mix of angelic vocals and with the powerful piano made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It’s a song that could bring you to tears and make you smile at the same time. If you’re wondering why he sounds familiar – this is the side project of Anberlin’s Stephen Christian.

The Lighthouse And The Whaler – The Stars And The Trees

We all need some acoustic guitars and deep lyrics. Hum along, and tap your foot. Move your keyboard out of the way and get some air-piano playing down! “My oh my oh my, what a wonder” is a beautiful way to let your day get better. This up-tempo track gives me a sunny day when it rains. Mark your calendar for Sept. 18 because their second album “This Is An Adventure” releases!

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Murphy D & Kid Kodak – Suburbia

In a region where ignorant, southern rap is all that the average listener is exposed to, it’s no surprise that every local rapper becomes a copycat and continues the never ending circle of terrible chant, crunk, trap, nonsense. That’s all I heard coming out of Pensacola for the longest time. That was, until I found out about this group of guys who are regularly cramming themselves into a bedroom striving to create music that comes off as a gigantic breath of fresh air for the local hip-hop scene.

Kid Kodak’s That One Kid mixtape was my introduction to these guys, and ever since, I have been heavily promoting them on my site. That One Kid’s spacey, yet conscious, sound proved to me that there were rappers in Pensacola worth paying attention to. Soon after, Murphy D released his Cruise Control mixtape, an amazing work of ’90s influenced beats and rhymes. Feature verses provided by Young Amazing and Bambino on these projects further proved that the rest of the crew wasn’t just dead weight. Plus, Bambino’s beat making skills are unbelievable. I spent hours one night testing him with obscure samples that he effortlessly turned into phenomenal, full length instrumentals. It’s clear that the whole crew has talent. However, it was when I first heard Murphy D and Kid Kodak trading verses on Culdesac, that I realized the true magic and skill that these guys have, whenever they joined forces. I knew what I wanted to hear from them next, and thankfully that wish came true. The outcome is Suburbia.

An official Kid Kodak and Murphy D collaboration, Suburbia covers an impressive number of topics. Jam packed with humor, wit, insight, intelligence, and even a bit of darkness, Murphy D and Kid Kodak weave together tales of growing up and maturing. The biggest surprise heard on Suburbia, is Gabbie Giftsz’ guest verse on Pop Culture. I know nothing of her, but I swear that she’s the second coming of Digable Planet’s Ladybug Mecca. Every track heard on the project is a standout, and I have found it impossible to pick out a favorite. Long story short, not since Tom Hanks’ The ‘Burbs, have the suburbs seemed so exciting. Suburbia is a must hear, and the future is bright for these guys. Now go. Tell your friends. Pensacola hip-hop is officially on the rise. Get Suburbia in its entirety here.

Pop Culture by TheRecordStache

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Curtains by TheRecordStache

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Q&A With Brandon Lockheart / Shit I’ve Never Said

I once read in a book of quotes, “you never know a man’s character until you’ve shared a bowl of peeled shrimp with him.” I’ve never been sure if the bowl of shrimp represented a metaphor or was really just a bowl of shrimp, but I understood the importance of it. Asking questions and receiving answers is essential when it comes down to really discovering whether or not you respect a person. I’ve been offered to do interviews a handful of times leading up until now, but I never went through with them. I tried once before, and it just didn’t work out as well as I had hoped it would. After I originally featured Brandon Lockheart’s latest single, The Noise, he followed up asking if I’d be interested in an interview, and to add to the enticement, an exclusive advance of his previously unreleased material titled, Shit I’ve Never Said. I took the bait. Now that I’m here writing this, I’m glad that I had agreed. Not only did I get to learn about the man behind the music, I’m able to share with you some truly fantastic hip-hop. Shit I’ve Never Said is a collection of deep thought, extremely personal tracks that Brandon has kept to himself for some time now. This whole experience has really shed light on who Brandon Lockheart is, as not just a rapper, but as a person. Read through the interview below, then make way to the Bandcamp player and listen to Shit I’ve Never Said. You could also scroll down and listen, then read the interview. I’m not here to enforce rules. You’re grown enough. Do whatever you want in whatever order you want.

TRS – What’s the story behind you having to push back the release date of  “Life… Love… Bullshit…” and choosing to release the material heard on “Shit I’ve Never Said”?
BL – Honestly, it really just boils down to me wanting to present the best product I possibly can. I really like where it’s going and the thought of what it could be is amazing, so I decided to hold back until December.
On the other hand I didn’t want to leave my supporters hanging, so I decided to release “Shit I’ve Never Said”.
TRS – What all has led to inspiration of the creation of “Life… Love… Bullshit”?
BL – The chase, the dream..the project is simply inspired by the “American Dream”. More over the great degree of strain it takes to reach that dream.
TRS – I’m a big fan of music that pulls together styles outside of its own. Other than sampling, do you ever  use any genres outside of hip-hop to include within your own sound?
BL – I’ve been branching out a bit lately, Choir of Young Believers I really been experimenting lately.
TRS – Production wise, what’s the specific type of sound that you’re aiming for on “Life… Love… Bullshit…”?
BL – When I was a kid my dentist had a this painting of an older man holding his sax under the clouds. I’d go into the back and waiting for me were big glass windows showing a great view of downtown Detroit. The whole city just waiting for yo, you know. The project is so soulful and it captures the exact sound i’d wanted. I link up with two producers out of London,England, Toney Mahoney and Kick Back, they made magic. 
TRS – Will the project consist of exclusively original production or will you be borrowing  some beats from some more established artists? Also, who all do you have  contributing instrumentals?
BL – All of the production is completley orginal. As I stated all of it was imported straight from the heart of London. I went through about 30 beats before coming up with what I needed. Shout to Toney Mahoney and Kick Back on the ones and twos. 
TRS – Even though some people still think of Detroit as a dying city, some of the best  hip-hop has come out of  there. What’s the atmosphere really like that encourages  the creation of such good music?
BL – Detroit is like the phoenix man, only thing is she dosen’t know it yet. The culture there is so vibrant, you learn early you have to work hard for everything you want. The embodiment of determined men trying to become something.
TRS – For awhile now, I’ve felt like the Midwest has become the new Mecca for true hip-hop. Specifically because of Detroit and Chicago’s heavy use of sampling from dusty,  long forgotten soul records. Do you agree, and if so, why do you think that the  Midwest has stayed true to the classic hip-hop sound while, for the most part,  everywhere else has strayed away from it.
BL – I mean that’s what the midwest especially Detroit was built upon. The Four Tops, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, you name it. I think that’s what’s embedded in our roots out there and at the end of the day, you can’t shake who you are.
TRS – Nowadays, a lot of the up-and-coming rappers are heavily basing their style off of  video games, anime, and social media. Your approach seems to be more of a  straightforward rhymer, which is increasingly becoming a rarity. Why are you  choosing to stick with the Golden Era type of flow, and why do you think that the  rest of these new guys are leaving it behind?
BL – I believe in doing what ever works for you an that’s all I’m doing man. I came up listening to nothing but the greats, the guys who didn’t need gimmicks and let the rhymes speak for them. Nuff said..
TRS – Where do you see hip-hop taking you? Do you see yourself someday signed to a major label, or are you more interested in building up your reputation in the underground and sticking it out independent?
BL – Umm..I’d love to stay indie for awhile, build this thing alone,my way. But who knows what God has in store for me, whatever it may be I know it’s awesome.
TRS – I’m a J Dilla fanatic, so I have to ask, since you’re from Detroit. What is your favorite J Dilla beat(s)?
BL – The beat he made for Erykah Badu’s “Didnt cha’ Know” classic man would have loved to work with, shit I would have been glad to meet him.
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Vinyl: Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Angel Station

I originally picked up Angel Station by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band on vinyl because Kanye West sampled the track, You Are – I Am, for So Appalled on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I loved how the sample sounded so dark and experimental, so when I found out that it was taken from Angel Station, I had to hunt it down. Most people are only familiar with Blinded by the Light by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, but everything on Angel Station easily trumps that song by a long shot. The way this album flows and constantly references itself throughout is amazing. Some of the same sounds can be heard throughout several songs, adding a sense of unity to the album. This is just one of those albums that can be thrown on the turntable and it will perfectly fit any mood that you’re in. Come to think of it, Angel Station may be my most played LP. Stream the entire album below.

The “Vinyl” series consists of handpicked selections from my personal record collection. -Matt

The sample can be heard throughout the entire length of So Appalled. 
The sample can be heard around the 2:35 mark on You Are – I Am.

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Vinyl: 10cc – Sheet Music

10cc’s sophomore album, Sheet Music, was released back in 1974, but every song still sounds so fresh. I’ll be honest, the only reason that I ever came across 10cc, is because J Dilla sampled their song, Worst Band in the World, on his final masterpiece, Donuts. I’m glad I decided to search out this album though, because now it is up there with my all time favorites. Sheet Music is all over the place in the best ways possible. At first listen, 10cc’s songs come off sounding wacky and zany, but the more you listen to Sheet Music, you realize that, there is a true sense of sophistication and professionalism to their music.

The “Vinyl” series consists of handpicked selections from my personal record collection. -Matt

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Podcast: Tropical Pop Vol. 1

It’s Summer! You’re going to need some tunes that are as warm as the weather. You’ll find those much needed songs tucked away within Tropical Pop Vol. 1. Tropical pop is one of our favorite types of music here at TheRecordStache, so it just makes sense that the genre would be one of the early compilations. Tropical Pop Vol. 2 will be on its way soon enough. Trust me on that.

To download Tropical Pop Vol. 1, go here – http://www.mediafire.com/?1r9c15e1ec4yabd

1. New Navy – Zimbabwe
2. St. Lucia – This Old House is Gone
3. Pompeya – Cheneese
4. Loose Talk Costs Lives – Calavera
5. Polarsets – Leave Argentina
6. The Eclectic Moniker – Going to Paris
7. Bravestation – Signs of the Civilized
8. Jonquil – Mexico
9. Friendly Fires- Hawaiian Air
10. The Holidays – Golden Sky

The goal of the “Podcast” series will be to create a specific mood, an environment, a time period, possibly revive a forgotten memory, and anything else that might fall in between. These compilations will always consist of 10 tracks, handpicked from tens of thousands, and carefully arranged to form the perfect rise and fall.