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Video: Sole Grunt – Now She’s Alone

Sole Grunt recently released some visuals to go along with his latest instrumental track, Now She’s Alone. I’m going to go ahead and assume that the situation that we’ve stumbled onto here, is that this girl is recently single. All signs seem to point towards it. Then again, maybe she just really hates stuffed animals. I’m not here to judge and break down people’s emotions. I just provide good music for your ears. So sit back, enjoy Sole Grunt’s smooth production, and watch this chick demolish an innocent little teddy bear. Download Now She’s Alone for free, below.

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Topiq the Smooth Prophet – Topiq of Discussion II (freeverse)

I hope that I’ve been able to get across the amount of talent that the No9to5 hip-hop collective possesses. I even featured JSWISS’ video for his track Daily Conversation just yesterday. These guys just churn out music, it’s almost too hard to keep up with. Recently, Topiq the Smooth Prophet announced an upcoming mixtape, Topiq of Discussion II, that would soon after be followed up with an album. To promote the news, Topiq released this nice freestyle over Kanye’s Get Em High. Give the verse a listen and look for Topiq of Discussion II out November 20th. 

Topiq of Discussion II (freeverse) by Topiq the Smooth Prophet

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Matt James Mega – The Balancing Act

Matt James Mega is a unique producer from LA/NY producing multiple genre’s from hip hop/ to chill pop. What makes Matt’s production so unique is that each track is shaped around multiple acapella’s. After listening to his new 4 track E.P for free here. My favorite track has become The Balancing Act featuring vocals from Bruno Mars, Adele, Yours Truly, The 2010 Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones, Northwestern Undertones, Lykke Li, Naya Rivera (Glee), Death Cab for Cutie, Bjork, The Sound of Music (original cast). Yes this is a lot of vocals but somehow the track seems to flow smoothly with Matt James Mega’s great production skills. Enjoy this track for free below and make sure to support Matt James Mega on Facebook, he’s a brand new artists!


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Video: The Lower Class – The Sound in the Soul

I’ve been waiting an awfully long time, it seems like, for The Lower Class to release their album, Wingfield. Fortunately, the album is set to drop in a couple of weeks on August 31st. Until then, check out the visuals for their first single off of Wingfield, The Sound in the Soul. Like what you hear? You should follow it up with their second single, The Proof. Yeah, that should hold you over until Wingfield drops.

The Lower Class – The Sound in the Soul by The Lower Class

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Video: JSWISS – Daily Conversation

A few days ago, No9to5’s JSWISS released a nice set of visuals to go along with my favorite track off of his latest mixtape, Out of State Tuition 2: Leave Me a Loan. The video for Daily Converstation comes off looking quite sharp thanks to the choice made of stripping away color and going with a classic, black and white imagery. Along with some nice editing, Daily Conversation is able to tell a story while showcasing JSWISS’ lyrical style. If you’re left wanting to hear more of JSWISS, then I’d highly recommend that you check out the rest of the Out of State Tuition 2 mixtape.

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Juiceboxxx – I Don’t Wanna Go Into The Darkness

The first comparison that comes to mind when trying to describe Juiceboxxx’s sound, are the Beastie Boys. While some may simply pass him off as a mere copy cat of the great trio, Juiceboxxx’s music is so much more than just a Beastie Boys ripoff act. His debut album, I Don’t Wanna Go Into the Darkness, is so punk that it immediately transcends into everything but punk. Literally every sort of genre and decade, in some form, is crammed into Juiceboxxx’s album. You’ll hear elements of funk, new wave, electronic, disco, psychedelia, and so, so much more. So really, rather than a comparison to the Beastie Boys, Juiceboxxx’s music seems more appropriate to be compared with N*E*R*D’s work. Much like a majority of N*E*R*D’s catalog, I Don’t Wanna Go Into the Darkness becomes one giant genre breaker, and throws everything into one raw sound that’s made to get a party going. Juiceboxxx’s raps give off pure energy, and his live show must be a completely insane experience. So whether you choose to compare I Don’t Wanna Go Into the Darkness to Beastie Boys or N*E*R*D albums, all that really matters is that you’re already putting Juiceboxxx into the same league as those greats.



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Video: J Dilla feat. Tone Plummer & Mr. Wrong – Rebirth Is Necessary

Anything that involves J Dilla automatically gets featured here. The latest visuals off of the Rebirth of Detroit project have released today, and they’re matched with one of my favorite tracks heard on the album. Rebirth is Necessary focuses on Detroit’s troubles and how the people of the city are struggling to survive. This song was already haunting enough, thanks to Dilla’s sampling of Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso’s Italian prog rock song, Nothing’s The Same. Now that there’s video to go along with Rebirth is Necessary, the creepiness of the instrumental is greatly intensified. This is really an eye opening song. Detroit rappers are always in a league of their own when it comes to their verses. They manage to keep the hood aspect, but their words are often very profound and real. Case in point, Tone Plummer and Mr. Wrong’s topics are completely essential to the power that this song gives off. Their words, matched with the instrumental, tell a story that needs to be heard. Things are bad in Detroit, but as Brandon Lockheart recently told me, “Detroit is like the phoenix, only she doesn’t know it yet.”