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Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon

I have been highly anticipating Two Door Cinema Club’s new album, Beacon. The official release date isn’t until September 4th, but the band has kindly offered Beacon to be streamed in its entirety a week and a half early. I just finished listening through it, and I’m pretty impressed. So far, The World is Watching is my favorite track, but I’m sure that the more I listen, new favorites will be made. No surprise really, but Beacon is packed full of catchy, indie pop jams. I couldn’t ask for anything more from Two Door Cinema Club’s sophomore effort. It’s a strong follow up to Tourist History.

BEACON by Two Door Cinema Club

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Video: Harts – All Too Real

Harts is a solo act out of Melbourne that has recently been brought to my attention. How he has yet to pop up on my radar, until now, is beyond me, considering that I’m obsessed with Australian music and all. With his latest single, All Too Real, Harts pulls out all the stops, throwing in everything that makes up a spectacular pop song. You can never go wrong with a dancable beat, a catchy chorus, and sing-a-long verses. What’s even more impressive than just creating a good pop song, is that Harts plays every instrument himself. This guy has got some major talent. Harts’ five track EP, Offline, is planned to release later this year. If All Too Real is any indication, the Offline EP is going to be a must have whenever it drops.

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The Invincible Summer – Runaway / To The Sky

Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for a new Australian band to support. Like I’ve said so many times on this site, the best music is coming out of Australia. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the best of luck finding a new favorite Australian band. That was, until The Invincible Summer introduced themselves to me. Started by Matt James, the Sydney collective is a round-up of some of the area’s best musicians. The outcome is a band that embraces the signature warmth heard in much of Australia’s indie pop, with their singles Runaway and To The Sky. Packed with epic choruses and memorable verses, The Invincible Summer’s music is destined to get stuck in your head. If their upcoming album lives up to anything close to the great sounds heard in Runaway and To The Sky, plan on hearing The Invincible Summer quite often.

Runaway by theinvinciblesummer

To the Sky by theinvinciblesummer

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Video: Freedom Fry – Jesse James

Back in April, Freedom Fry released the absolutely haunting, western inspired Outlaws EP. The French-American indie pop duo have now released some visuals to go with the most haunting track on the EP, Jesse James. In the video, a scantily clad lady, thanks to some witchcraft, embodies the spirit of Jesse himself, and goes on a shooting spree in the sake of revenge. Everything seen, is about 98 times more dramatic than my description. So don’t worry, I didn’t ruin anything for you. If you like what you hear, feel free to download the single below. However, I recommend that you splurge a couple of dollars and get the whole Outlaws EP.

Jesse James by freedomfry

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Casablanca – Yes

I’m just going to go ahead an throw this out there, if Casablanca is not a widely recognized band in indie pop within the next couple of months, something is seriously wrong with peoples’ ears. Remember how Two Door Cinema Club came out of nowhere, released a couple of singles, and then an extremely popular debut album? Casablanca is setting themselves up to do just that with the release of their single, Yes. Guitar driven pop bands can do no wrong, in my opinion, and Casablanca continues to back it up. With a jam like Yes under their belt, Casablanca appears to soon be ready to enter the ranks of those big time, indie pop bands. You know, bands like… oh I don’t know… Phoenix? I really believe that Casablanca has the potential to be that good. Yes and B-side, Natalie, will be available on a limited number of 7″ vinyl on September 17th. Feel free to preorder here, because there are only 200 copies to go around.

Casablanca – Yes by Casablanca Music

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Video: Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone

Two Door Cinema Club dropped this extremely fun video for their latest single, Sleep Alone, today. I’m going to go ahead and describe the visuals as a mix of the classic movies, Poltergeist and Bedknobs and Broomsticks. All sorts of inanimate objects take life and end up chasing the band out of the room that they’re, presumably, innocently staying in. This leads to one wild ride on a bed, which involves being chased by a giant guitar and a train. You know, the sort of stuff that would happen in your average ’80s movie, except Sleep Alone isn’t as zany as say Zapped!, Better Off Dead, or Weird Science. In the end, everything turns out to be just one big, crazy dream.

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Video: Max And The Moon – Out Of My Head

I’ve been a huge supporter of Max and the Moon‘s music since I first stumbled onto their single, Lighthouse, on Bandcamp before their The Way I See EP had released. Their music was so immediately catchy that I was instantly won over. Max and the Moon has gained some much deserved attention since the EP release and a couple of months ago they announced the Trail of the Dead series. A three part video release consisting of a music video, a short film, and an interactive video. Today, we see the first part of the Trail of the Dead series, a music video for the infectious Out of My Head. Max and the Moon’s art direction is outstanding. Combining live action and animation can sometime come off tacky, but the visuals for Out of My Head are nothing less than stylized eye candy. So go ahead and spend the next 5 minutes getting lost within a tale of love and loss. You can get the download of Out of My Head for free over at Max and the Moon’s Facebook┬ápage. Also, if you haven’t heard the rest of The Way I See EP, I highly recommend that you do so.