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Ragnarok: Most Metal Group in Hip-Hop

I’ve come into a bit of trouble trying to come up with a way to post Ragnarok’s music. This is because Rangarok isn’t just one person and Ragnarok isn’t just a group. Ragnarok is a hip-hop collective consisting of Sole Grunt, Sentry, Jarel Banks, and Me3 (all under the age of 20). I debated whether or not I wanted to spread out a series of posts or just feature a handful of my favorites. I ended up deciding to just do one big feature, covering everything that they’ve released up until now. Between all of the members of Rangarok, a lot of music is being released, very often. So there will definitely be more features in the future. Ragnarok’s goal is to use their skills to take down the current hierarchy of the rap game, and with a name that refers to ancient Norse mythology, describing the last great battle of the reigning gods, Ragnarok is probably the most metal group in hip-hop. I’m down with that. To keep up with Ragnarok’s latest release, info, and other random whatnot’s, be sure to follow their Tumblr. I have to admit, it’s pretty awesome.

Alright. So here it is, This is almost all of Ragnarok that Bandcamp has to offer. Soak it all in and absorb their style. There’s a lot of talent to be found within the 55 songs provided bellow.